Welcome to my website. I decided that I needed one to promote my photographic work. Also because I wanted to be able to blog about stuff happening in my life every now and then.

Let me introduce myself, yes I am a photographer, and my favorite area of work is gig shots of live bands. When I am once again able too, I shall be attending, and photographing, gigs again. In the meantime increasingly large parts of my work are being moved onto ClickASnap, I also tend to add some more photos from the same gig while I am at it.

I am also a seafarer so sea pix will turn up every now and then.

And I travel, when I can, problematic right now due to the pandemic.

My blog is added to at irregular intervals and gives me a chance to talk about what is happening in my life.

But please bear in mind that I am a sailor, all those memes about our vocabulary are true.

I am working on a couple of projects that may or may not see the light of day. My health is a big reason for that.

If you are in a band and want me to cover one of your gigs, let me know and we can work something out. Otherwise I will be tending to stay local for the foreseeable future.

For my ClickASnap account go here, you can purchase digital downloads of some of my stuff there as well as buy actual prints –


If you click through and look at the full sized image for more than 5 seconds I even get paid. Yes its only four tenths of a cent, but its better than anyplace else by about four tenths of a cent.

For my shrinking Facebook page, I am moving most of it across to ClickASnap, go here –


If you wish to contact me you can message me on Facebook or leave a comment on one of my blog posts. or email me.


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